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    Postpaid Application Status


      Maybe I could use some help too. I applied online on July 25 for Plan 999 with LG G2 mini. The last call I received was more than 2 weeks ago, they were verifying with my employer (HR dept). Got no updates afterwards. I checked with chat support last tuesday, said it's still in-process. It's already hard to check with the chat support team and hotline each day as it eats a lot of time. Just wondering if anyone could help me out. For very important personal matters, I really need it. I'm keeping up with Globe.

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          You can try to call the Sales hotline for them to check on the status of your application Contact Us. Lets see if paulos can assist you on this.

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            You guys are amazing! I will keep you and the community posted! :-) Thank you! @Paulo S zyper95

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              Dear Ms. Ventura, (Mister actually)


              Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused you and for the length of time it took us to respond.


              Please be informed that your application is still on process. I already forwarded another follow up to our Support Team. Kindly wait for a feedback.


              -Aug 31,2014

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                Dear Mr Ventura,


                Please be informed that I have already forwarded another follow up regarding your concern. Kindly wait for a feedback.


                -Sept 2, 2014

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                  I don't know exactly where it is leading to but we're running in circles and it's getting more and more frustrating each day. Considering the time I have spent waiting on this. I am getting the same message anywhere (phone, email and chat). Not fun, at least for me. They said it's in-process but I don't think there is a progress in that.


                  Is there any channel where I can bring this up? It's dead end. Or maybe outside? I don't want to do that, definitely.

                  I shouldn't have waited for so long and I don't want to blame myself for doing so because it is not my fault taking it this long period of time. Definitely not my fault.


                  Of course it would be more disappointing to know that the application would be denied. The reason I applied online is that I couldn't find enough time to go to the store. And that I thought doing online things are more convenient. The fact that there is an online process, means less hassle for the new subscribers. These new subscribers are spending a lot of time and later their money, obviously nothing is FREE.


                  I went to the store yesterday, I inquired and I was advised to cancel my online application and reapply there just like that, as if nothing happened. I might do that, maybe, I don't know.


                  Some may not put their interests in this, I am saying this as an individual who had a not so good customer experience.


                  If there is anyone part of this Company happens to read this, you may not realize the stigma left on the customers.


                  Dear XXXX,


                  Good Day!


                  Thank you for letting us know your concern about our service. Our apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused you. 


                  Please be informed you that we haven't received any feedback from our support group howver, I already made a follow-up on this.  Kindly anticipate feedback from them.





                  This template only creates false hope to the customers. Just so you know



                  I don't have any violent reaction, I don't have to use profanity and I don't have to act unprofessional. I just want to let the community know what I feel.



                  Despite everything I still want Globe.

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                    hi janven2ra, i feel ur frustration, if you still have copies of your requirements, since you said you really want to have a postpaid line sa Globe, may i suggest na magpunta ka na lang ng store, of course advise them na nag apply ka online kaso medjo matagal ka ng nag aantay

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                        I did aileenjoy17pero di pa ko nagreapply. yun nga advice sa akin na ikansel ko raw yung online application. I'm considering it pero di ko alam kung kelan kasi they might ask nanaman for updated docs like COE etc eh it's more than a month na, naiisip ko kasi mag aantay nanaman ako uli. Dinadaan ko na nga lang sa tawa yung frustrations ko. Hehe. Madali naman ako kausap, sabihin lang agad na denied or what, magtethank you pa 'ko.


                        Well, yeah, will just find out.

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                        UPDATE: I've cancelled my application already. Not because I am going to reapply. Because I don't want it anymore. It's not a matter of approval anymore.


                        Question is: Will the cancellation also take this long?


                        Oh survey? really?! Globe wants to know the level of my satisfaction? Waste of time again.


                        Just be considerate, courteous and mean what you say, Globe.