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    Is BBMAX really converts postpaid to Volume Based?


      Hi! I registered to BBMAX last August 27 and used it on a BB-Phone. I also decided to share the internet via Hotspot and used the internet. Then I put the sim on a non-bb handset to be shared to all of my phones.


      Meanwhile, I was shocked when I called today that my plan has cut and reached 2000+ on running balance and then it was measured by VOLUME. The supervisor and the agent told me that registering to BBMAX will convert your line to volume based permanently. I agree that I should pay with this bill but why do I need pay that large as 24 hours=P480.00 in time-based browsing.


      The information said by the agent was really tough but I cannot see how to prove it, they said that all blackberry devices uses Volume-based starting the start of the promo. But as said in this


      I tried asking what we can do about this but seems I am also in a bill shock and I did not receive any text message or call that tells me that I reached my Credit Limit nor why did the system allows me such to pass the credit limit?

      (They just said that they cannot do anything as the transaction was valid.)

      I agree that you allow me to use the promo but we really need to think what we should do and how to limit customers in what limit they prefer to. If we can do something about this, then I can pay at least but if this still goes like that. I'll leave that alone (maybe forever!).


      Lastly, I am really not happy about the service of Marco as seems he is irritated about my questions about the services and product


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      1. (I really forgot her name)


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      1. Marco Dela Cruz


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