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    Regarding po sa termination ng globe wimax.


      Question po regarding sa Globe wimax termination.


      1. May bayad po ba kung papa terminate na nmin ung globe wimax connection nmin? how much? it's already been 4 years mahigit i think that we've been a subscriber of this promo.

      2. If ever na cut off po ba ung net connection nmin sa globe wimax cause hnd na nakakabayad tumataas pa rin ba ang bill kahit na cut off na?

      3. if pinaterminate po nmin tong globe wimax nmin kukunin ba sa amin tong globe modem?

      4. if na terminate na po ba pwede pa bang ipa reconnect ito? may bayad din ba ulit un or wala na? how much? mag kasing mahal ba sa installation like from the start ng subscription?

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          what i know if your out of contract, then there should be no terminations fees

          billing still continues until your account is cancelled, so kung hindi pa cancelled ang account it would still charge you (that's what i know ha)

          i'm not sure with regards sa wimax modem, kung babawiin nila

          if the account is cancelled/ terminated, basically closed na yung account, if you are to reactivate it, you will have to pay any remaining balance and they create a new account for you and i guess since new account, new installation fee or advance fee uli yan


          that's as far as i know, pero you can ask then via 211 or twitter @talk2Globe

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            1. Most broadband (DSL and WiMAX) has a 2 year lock-in period. Since 4 years na yung WiMAX mo you can terminate it anytime as long as hindi ka nagrenew sa mga bagong WiMAX offer ng Globe.

            2. Kung walang request ipa-cut yung connection mo at na putol lang dahil di nakakabayad sa bill, yes tuloy tuloy pa rin ang billing nyan.

            3. Once nagrequest ka na ng termination kailangan mo isoli yung WiMAX modem dahil pag hindi pwede ka i-charge nyan.

            4. Kung na terminate dahil sa account balance kailangan mo muna i-settle yung balance mo then may additional charge din para sa reconnection fee.

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