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    Is there an Email address that we can send our escalation to the network support group for broadband problems instead of going a merry go round with globe customer service knows nothing about troubleshooting because of a stupid script?




      my name is Gene and i am globe broadband customer for 5 years now as well as my enterprise is using Globe services as our ISP provider.


      Just want to know why GLOBE broadband consumer services does not have an EMAIL or NUMBER TO CONTACT with regards to escalating the matter to the next level of network concerns? instead consumers are force to dial their customer service hotline who does not know anything about troubleshooting and can't divulge information with the consumers. when we dial to 211 the same redundancy and the same script is being read.


      Also why GLOBE Broadband does not support MULTI-cases support?

      what i mean is when we call for support they can support only one case at a time, if we decided to add another support case GLOBE services will tell you if we create this case the first case will be cancelled.


      can you give us a proper explanation for this one GlennO