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    Samsung Galaxy V Globe Locked (Even SIM 2)


      I recently took up another Globe plan. 999 with a Samsung Tab 3 Lite and a Samsung Galaxy V. I completely understand why Telcos would lock devices to their network. I support that too. However, the Samsung Galaxy V is a dual SIM phone. I've had an experience from a different carriers that the SIM 1 is locked to their network and SIM 2 is "open" line. The SIM 2 on the Galaxy V is LOCKED to Globe. What does Globe expect their customers to use on that other SIM slot. Another Globe/TM line? Maybe a prepaid SIM since I already have a postpaid SIM. That is just absurd in my opinion! I am already locked to a contract and have the responsibility to pay my bills, yet I can't use the other SIM slot with any SIM I want? Really good Globe! Really good! On top of that, your CS reps keep saying that the SIM card that came with this bundle was activated last 2 September 2014. Last night when I spoke to a "Blue" CS rep I was told that the SIM card was faulty and I need to bring it to a Globe center to have it replaced free-of-charge. I haven't even begun using my service and these things happened. Make me a happy customer and send me the unlock code for SIM 2! I don't mind going to a Globe center to have the SIM card replaced...