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    Postpaid Application!!


      Hi there. I applied for a postpaid application last August 14 2014, I already submitted the requirements including my COE, ITR, Company Id, and also a Authorization Letter for Globe. In order for them to conduct a work related check on me because I'm working on a BPO company. An agent called after a day to verify my plan and some other info. And after that conversation I haven't receive any phone calls from them. I contacted 5 different chat support agent to check for the status of my application, but they keeps saying that Its on verification process. And they already submitted a report on their support team. I need a specific info! I'm just getting a run around! I also try to reach you through Twitter, and nothing happen. I sent them messages and they always say that I need to wait for 24-48 hrs for a call from their support team. And until now I haven't receive any call from you guys. Can someone help me with this?? I already did my part here, so please do your job.