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    Online Postpaid Application delays


      August 19, I applied online at exactly 5:30 PM. Sent in all the requirements got a call also verifying my plan.I got text from someone named Chery and an email from her too asking for requirements. Since I was already prepared I sent it to them immediately. August 22, I got a call from Chery saying my ITR did not have any indicated months. I said ok, and I'll ask our admin officer. So I asked her and then she said the months weren't indicated because it was for the whole year already and it doesn't need to say that since it was understood that the ITR was representing my income for the whole year. So I told Chery that but she insisted that it was necessary. So ok, I complied and sent in another ITR form with the months indicated. No problem here since it was clear that I was missing somethings. So that was done and then she said to just wait for a couple of days for a call.


      August 26, she called to confirm my plan application (plan 1799 plus a cash out of 4500, the inclusions, and the whole enchalada). I confirmed everything even spoke to a supervisor who asked the same question as Chery. No biggie, it was fine. Then he asked for someone who can confirm my home address, I asked if it was ok if my mom confirmed it, he said yes so I gave her cellphone number to this person. He then said that I should wait for 2 days so that someone could call me to confirm if my application was approved and that they would be calling my mom to verify my home address. 4 days have passed and no one was calling either me or my mom's cellphone or any other phone number I included in my application.


      August 29, after days of no feedback I decided to text Chery. She called me asking if the HR/Admin Office received any emails. I checked and double checked with my HR but they didn't get any emails. I texted Chery this but I got no reply. I even texted her the correct email addresses she should mail in case the emails had a typo in them or something. Nothing.


      August 30, I finally called them because I was so tired of waiting. I addressed my concern in a very mild-mannered way. I still wasn't annoyed or frustrated because it happens. The guy on other end told me to wait 24-48 hours for someone to call me back. Nada. Nothing. Zip. Zelch. I also kept asking the HR if they've received any phone calls from Globe regarding my application. None. Nothing. Air (not even).


      So Tuesday August 2, I called again told my story, verified stuff and then the guy on the other end said that the only thing he could do was to escalate my case. So I said ok to that if that would help me in my application. The next day no feedback. Of course.


      August 4, which is today, (03:23 PM) I texted Chery if there was any news or progress with my application. She texted back saying that someone has been trying to call our office. I checked with HR/Admin Office for any emails or calls. Nothing. I texted her back saying that no one in HR/Admin Office got any verification calls or any kind of calls from Globe. To which I proceeded to say that earlier BPI Credit Card just called to our office to confirm my new credit card application (I submitted the same requirements [Company ID, Driver's License, ITR] just 3 days ago). She (BPI CC girl) talked with the HR/Admin Officer and it was done. I then asked the BPI sales agent if she had trouble calling our phones. She said there was no trouble. I was getting annoyed now.


      (08:31 PM) I got home and called Globe immediately. I told my story to the CS lady and said she could do anything except to escalate my application. I told her that I have already been escalated last Tuesday and asked if it was noted or not that I was escalated. Is escalation even helpful? Probably not. I wouldn't know, there was nothing to tell me otherwise. I couldn't remember what she told me but I explained to her that my case has been a treadmill for two weeks now without any resolution or feedback and I'm just feeling so frustrated right now. She said her apology spiel. I asked them if they could just connect me to someone from sales or whoever is supposed to be handling applications but they sent me to hotline sales so I told hotline sales the same story I'm telling you now and they said they would transfer me to customer specialist (?) but it turns out customer specialist or whatever was initially the one who transferred me to hotline sales. I am starting to get really annoyed at this for I've been making "kulit" (forgive the conyo jargon) for almost two weeks and no action is being taken.


      I keep calling them because I want to know if there's something wrong with my application or with the requirements I submitted but even the people taking my calls can't answer that so I'm left in the dark, confused, waiting for something to to happen. I just want to know if there's something wrong with the requirements I submitted because if there is, I will gladly fix it in no time. But no, all I get is a rehearsed spiel said in a sympathetic voice, escalations that go nowhere, and set time frames that yields no progress.


      So if anyone could help me, that would be extremely great. kthnxbye.