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    My sim card got stuck inside my iphone 5s


      I have a new iPhone 5s, I tried removing the sim card and inserting it back to the phone, but I forgot to put it first on the card tray. Now it's stuck. I tried removing it, but I keep failing. How will I remove it?

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          hi , i suggest bring your phone to a Globe store so they can assist you with your concern, baka kase kung ikaw lang gagawa masira pa ung phone mo

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            Hi remagarcia,


            Is your phone under warranty? If yes, then globe can refer you to the nearest Apple Service Center (ASC) and you will be provided with a repair certificate at the Globe Store via Customer Service.


            Just bring one valid ID when you visit the store and they can provide you the repair certificate on your visit.


            Afterwhich, you can ask them where the nearest Apple Service Center is so you can bring your phone over there and have it checked. If there is no ASC available near you, they can refer you to a hotline who can provide you with a tracking number so you can drop your phone off to the nearest drop off point who will send your phone over for repair.


            However, if the phone is out of warranty, the best option is to go directly to an authorized ASC. If it is not available in your area, you may get help from any other service center who fixes apple products.


            I hope this helps!