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    I forgot my globe tatto home password. How can I reset it?


      Hi Guys:


      I forgot my globe tattoo home password. I have trouble remembering it. How can I reset my password. Please help

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          Hi @nallazenum


          Thanks for being with globe!


          For home tattoo subscriptions, there are specific steps in getting into the GUI (Graphic User Interface) of your modem/router that would help you troubleshoot your concern. And for this, it is best to call the hotline for better assistance in getting the fastest resolution to your concern.


          Before calling the hotline, please ensure that you have the following:

          • You are currently calling at home where there is access to a computer/laptop
          • A computer / laptop that is hardwired to your modem/router


          If you already have the above mentioned, you may then proceed to call the hotline for proper troubleshooting.


          The following are the different numbers for you to contact our hotline

          Via Landline (Manila) = 02-730-1000

          Via Landline (Cebu) = 032-412-1000

          Via Globe Mobile = 211

          Via Touch Mobile = 808


          For prepaid sim/number, please ensure that you have credits to call out for you to reach our hotline, nevertheless, our hotline is toll-free.



          If this helps, you may want to check on your modem/router manual. It is where you can find the steps on how to access your router/modem and you can look for the part that says wireless settings / wireless configuration / wireless passphrase / wireless security and the like. Usually, the part that says password / passphrase is where you can view or change your wireless password.


          I hope this helps you get your concern resolved.



          Thanks and best regards!