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    Where na Load ko????


      Kanina nag paload ako ng 25php may confirmation. Pero nung niregister ko ng SUPERUNLI25 di daw sapat load ko. Then nagpaload ulit ako ng 10php i try again to register. Ganun pa din. When i check my Balance 20.50, san napunta yung load na 14.50???

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          hi! i suggest that you raise your concern via twitter @talk2Globe or call the hotline 211 for they can check what could have happened why you encounter that issue,

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            hi lennuj,


            possible reason why load gets eaten up are:


            1. Active Mobile Data Connection = turn of mobile data, else you'll be charged of P5.00/15 mins of browsing

            2. Subscriptions from Access Numbers like 2366 / 2346 / 3456. These subscriptions may be accidentally, intentionally, or unknowingly registered. To unsubscribe to these numbers, please call 211 to opt out from the access numbers that may be eating up your load, or head to the nearest Globe Customer Service Business Center for them to help you sort things out!


            I hope this helps!

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              Hi lennuj

              Please be reminded that Globe Community is for non-account related concerns. For any account related concern. you can raise it to the Globe Networks Twitter Specialists at http://www.twitter.com/talk2GLOBE or any of customer support channels listed at Contact Us

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