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    globe pocket wifi server down?


      bakit po d makaconnect sa net ang pocket wifi ko? may problema po ba ngaun sa system o sa server nyo? need to connect to internet pls..

        • Re: globe pocket wifi server down?

          Hi @jcflip,


          For pocket wifi signal concerns, there are multiple reasons why you may not be able to connect to the internet.


          Are you on tattoo postpaid or tattoo prepaid?

          Have you checked the device configuration specifically the APN settings?

          Are you connected to the right network?

          Have you tried forgetting the network and reconnect with the correct password?

          Have you done the hard reset of the device so it reverts back to the original SSID and passphrase and try connecting with it?


          If you have done the above mentioned.


          FOR PREPAID:

          do you still have enough credits to connect to the internet?

          are you registered to any internet promos?

          when was the last time you loaded this sim card? has it been more than 3 months?

          is the sim still active?

          have you checked the sim if it is properly latched on the tray?


          FOR POSTPAID:

          is your account up to date and active with no pending balance/s?

          have you exceeded your spending limit for other usages?

          is the sim active?

          have you checked if the sim is properly inserted?


          If you do not know the status of the sim or your account if it is active, you may call our hotline to verify the said information.


          Using another sim or a landline, please call the hotline

          Landline (MANILA) - 02-730-1000

          Landline (CEBU) - 032-412-1000

          Globe Mobile - 211

          Touch Mobile - 808


          For prepaid, make sure you have enough prepaid credits / load to call out.


          If there is still no connection after all basic troubleshooting, please call the hotline for further assistance. Or, you may visit the nearest Customer Service at any Globe Business Center.



          Thanks and I hope I have helped you in a way/