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    How do I get an official receipt when I pay my bill via online banking?


      Here is a series of tweets with the Globe specialists on twitter:


      April 4


      Me: Hi @talk2Globeis there a way that I can get an OR if I pay through internet banking? Can I get ORs for payments in previous months?


      @DeniseOfGlobe: Hi Joe! Let me check this first. I'll get back to you. :smileyhappy:


      @DeniseOfGlobe: Hi Joe! As checked, the confirmation of your payment paid via online will be received via email address. If you're requesting for the previous months, it's not possible anymore. Thank you.


      Me: @DeniseOfGlobe does this mean I will receive ORs via email from now on? I never received any payment confirmation via email before


      @DeniseOfGlobe: Yes, you should receive them thru email every time you pay online. :smileyhappy:


      Me: @DeniseOfGlobe thanks!


      April 22


      I made a payment thru BDO online


      April 27


      Me: @DeniseOfGlobe @talk2Globe how long does it take to get the OR? I made a payment last Tuesday and still havent received it.


      @EmilyOfGlobe: Hello Joe, I'm here to help! May we know the details of your concern for better assistance? :smileyhappy:


      Me: @EmilyOfGlobe yes, can I get an OR for the last payment I made? Denise said I should be getting it via email


      @EmilyOfGlobe: May we know when you made the payment, amount of payment and method of payment for checking?


      Me: @EmilyOfGlobe Denise said I should be automatically receiving the OR for this month and all succeeding months. But I will DM you the details


      I DMed the details to @EmilyOfGlobe


      @EmilyOfGlobe (via DM): Thanks Joe, will have this one checked for you 


      @EmilyOfGlobe (viaDM): Hello Joe, apologies for the inconvenience. As checked, your payment has reflected on the system. :smileyhappy:


      Me (via DM): I know, I can check that through text, what I need is the official receipt


      @talk2Globe (via DM): Have you received any notification in your email about your payment? That would be the proof of payment, sir :smileyhappy:


      Me (via DM): No, I have not. But when I do, will it be an official receipt or just an email acknowledging my payment?


      April 28


      @JenOfGlobe: Hi Joe! Got your DM :smileyhappy: You will first receive an email acknowledging your payment, then the OR after 24-48 hrs :smileyhappy: Thanks!


      Me: @JenOfGlobe that was the most helpful tweet so far, I'll thank you when I get the emails :smileyhappy:


      May 3 (no emails came in yet)


      Me: @JenOfGlobe so when are those emails coming? @talk2Globe


      @JoyceOfGlobe: Hi Joe! I'll send you a DM in a bit


      @JoyceOfGlobe (via DM): Hey! May I know your email address? :smileyhappy:


      I gave her my email address


      @JoyceOfGlobe (via DM): Thank you! I'll check this out. :smileyhappy:


      @JoyceOfGlobe (via DM): Have you tried to check your junk folder, Joe? :smileyhappy:


      Me (via DM): Yes I did, no emails from globe


      @JoyceOfGlobe (via DM): Aww. :smileysad: Okay. I'll get back to you on this, Joe. Thank you! :smileyhappy:


      May 4


      @DeniseOfGlobe: Hi Joe, I'm filling in for Joyce. How much did you pay? Thanks! :smileyhappy:


      Me: @DeniseOfGlobe I already gave that information a long time ago (with a twitpic of a screen cap of the tweet I sent @EmilyOfGlobe with the details)


      Me: @DeniseOfGlobe you also said before that I should be receiving the email everytime I pay (with a twitpic of a screen cap of our earlier conversation)


      Few Minutes Ago


      @TemOfGlobe: Good evening, Joe. I'll take it from here. Let me get back to you on this one. #GlobeYourWay




      So how do I get an OR? I still have no idea!!!