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    Can i use my peso value to register to promos?


      I got a mySuperPlan 999, which has 1000 remaining peso value. I'm a heavy texter, and I don't want to spend it all in over 3 days. Can I use it to register to prepaid promos like unlitxt20? Or should I apply for a unlitxt booster?


      If I apply for a booster, does my peso value cover the payment or I will pay for it?
      If I should pay for a booster, what can I do with the remaining peso value? I don't call and use the internet that much.


      thanks in advance

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          You cannot register the 1000 remaining peso value to any prepaid promos but since you are  into texting a lot, you might as well want to avail all net text booster which is 599/month and it will be top of your bill. FYI, even sharing a load is top of the bill.

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            Thanks for being with globe!


            Any Remaining Peso Value could not be used to register to VAS (Value Added Services) inlcuding unlimited promos, however, you can use your remaining PV for Combos such as All Net Combo (100sms 5minscalls allnet) / All Net Texts (125 sms all net) / All Globe Calls (20 mins globe to globe/tm calls) and the like. Each of these combos is equivalent to 100PV (Peso Value) which can be deducted from your remaining 1000PV (in case if u have 1000 PV available), you can have as much as 10 of those combos listed above to be converted from your PV.


            For VAS, this is always on top of your Monthly Recurring Fee (MRF)

            I hope this helps, and thanks!


            Best regards!