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    validity of information


      Good day! I would like to inquire if changing or would you call it upgrade my existing 1Mbps plan 999 to 3Mbps will increase my monthly payment? I would like to address this because one your company's customer service representative here in Cebu told us that the our concern was free of charge and we only need to show an ID. But, what happened was very inconvenient, because when we returned about 3 weeks later with my mother bringing her ID, and waited about 2 hours for our priority number to take place, and then we were told by another representative that the said changing of Mbps has an add charge and would increase our monthly payment. We were truly in doubt of the service and we would really want to hear from your behalf about this incidence and gain back our trust to your service. We are now about 4 years subscribed in Globe. Thank you and have a nice day.

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          For every plan upgrade there is an increase of the monthly fees since you will be getting a higher plan. Based on what you mention, you stated that currently you subscribe to Plan 999 with 1Mbps connection. To simplify here are the pricing for the Globe Broadband Plans with higher connection.