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    Billing complaint


      Follow-up on service request numbers: 42833848; 54904594; 48079847; 47983228

      Reversal of charges and deactivation internet  Bill 19 - 15,483KB (P2,073.16); Bill 20 - 3,180KB (P425.80); Bill 21 - 506KB (P67.76). BACKGROUND: 07/30/13 Requested de-activation of internet under Service Request 9319172A; Sometime in 06/2014 - changed to micro sim due to new phone. KB browsing charges appeared in the Billing but I NEVER asked the internet to be activated. Have followed up several times but KB browsing keeps on accruing and accruing!!!!

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          Gail .

          the community is not for account related issue. you may still refer to Contact Us for assistance.

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            hi! may i help you by tagging sir paulos with your concern so he can further assist you, hope your issue will be resolve the soonest any way, in case you have further account concerns, you might want to try getting in touch with them via twitter @talk2Globe

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              All sim card are data enabled specially the new ones, you will only be charged once you turn on your data connection and use your phone to browse the internet. If you left the data turned on your mobile device you will incur charges since most phones require constant connection to the internet to sync if you are not subscribe to any data plan. The only way to avoid any data charges is to ensure the data connectivity of your mobile device is turn off or you can also change the APN settings in case you accidentally turn on the data on your phone.

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                Paulo D

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