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      My contract is gonna expire on April next year, will Globe give me another device of my choice when that happens? no cashout?

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          You would be eligible for recontracting and would be given choices which would be best discussed when that time comes. If we are to base it on past offers, there would be units with and without cash out depending on what would be available and offered. Aside from a choice of devices, bill rebates might also be offered.

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            Hi lalalawesome,



            For Loyalty / Recontracting offers, these are your options:



            >> Bill Rebate: You can avail of bill rebates for the next 24 months! Bill rebate amount depends on the current plan you availed and it depends on the promo period.



            >> New Gadget: You can get a new gadget with a new contract. The contract would depend on what you would choose, may it be 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 months. And the handset cashout would depend on the device you availed of and the contract period. If your device is free, then there should be no cashout.



            For recontracting availment, you may visit any Customer Service Counters at any Globe Store Nationwide. Or you can avail of recontracting via hotline (211 using your globe mobile) and your device will be delivered to your doorstep in days!



            I hope this helps and best regards!









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              if you are to call the loyalty hotline today, they will be able to advise you the current devices available for recontracting but it does not necessarily means that those devices offered today will still be available by the time your contract ends, so i suggest, you call the loyalty hotline at least a month before your contract expires and who knows there could be better deals by that time