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    Lenovo A680 force restarting everytime


      Good day, tatanong ko lang upon receiving the phone from plan 349 which is lenovo A680. Open and use it at same day it always restarting every day. Tapos pag magrerestart pa sya 3 times pa sya mangyayare sunod.sunod ? Until now ganun pa din ung nangyayare, mag 1month pa lang ung phone sakin.. Hope to have some suggestion on how to fix this. Kasi nakakainis po pag magtetext ka tapos biglang magrerestart.

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          Try mo restore sa factory settings, minsan may mga ganyang issue kahit anong model ng phone mostly cause yan ng problem sa firmware or yung OS mismo. Before mo restore sa factory default magbackup ka muna ng mga files mo like pictures or videos kasi mabubura yan pag nag factory reset ka.

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            jujut ..

            HI dynaacol .. kung wala paring naging changes after mu mag reset much better to visit any nearest globe store for device checking para kung deffective ung device pwede mu nmn magamet ung 1yr warranty just bring valid id's kung ikaw ung account holder kung hndi ikaw just bring authorization letter from the account holder and valid id's as well.. and that will be for free ..

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              Hi dynaacol,



              For handset / mobile devices aftersales concerns, you would need to head to the nearest globe business centers with customer service for support.


              But if you would like to troubleshoot beforehand, you can:


              >> Have your phone battery drain until it reaches 15%, once it has reached this level, charge your phone until it is full. Make sure the device is turned off while charging. Once full, turn on the device and observe it.


              >> If the above instruction does not help, try to restore / reformat your phone like it is brand new. This usually helps resolve any cache / software issues. Please refer to your phone manual for steps on how to restore / reformat your device.


              >> If the above instruction still does not help, you may want to have your phone repaired at the nearest Service Center for your device. You can head first to the nearest globe store and secure a repair certificate. If you are the account holder, please bring one valid id. If not, please bring One Valid ID (both yours and the listed subscriber), and an authorization letter indicating that the account holder permits you to acquire a repair certificate. Have the account holder sign and indicate your name. Afterwhich, you would need to head to the nearest service center (if there is one near you). If there is not a repair center near you, you can have your phone dropped at the globe customer service at any globe business center and they can have the phone shipped to the service center for free!



              I hope this helps and best regards!






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                thats too bad, sana dinala mo agad sa globe store for after sales concern, i suggest dalhin mo na so they can check if it is covered by warranty or they still can exchange the unit, since ganyan nangyayari

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                  Mas mabisa parin ang hard reset kesa sa softformat. Kasi alam ko RAM issue yan.. Reset mo ang cache partition bago ka mag factory reset.    


                  Press the power to turn ON the phone. After you feel the phone vibrate Press  Volume UP.  When you see an exclamation mark release Volume button.

                  Press the MENU button.

                  In the recovery menu use Volume buttons to select

                  Wipe data/Factory reset and use power to confirm.

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                    Madaming issues ang unit na ito. First, is the TILTING you cannot even play Temple Run because of it. Second, the loudspeaker mode wherein yung volume nya ay parang humihina at lumalakas. One of the member in the Lenovo A680_ROW FB called the Lenovo Mobile CSR. Ang sabi nila they give advice sa mga seller ng unit na ito na meron po talagang problem ang unit na ito sa TILTING. So kung meron palang problem ang unit na ito, Sino naman kayang Cellphone Shop ang magsasabi noon sa customer nya na may firmware or hardware ang unit na kanyang binibenta. This unit Lenovo A680_Row should be a recall by Lenovo Mobile Philippines. And for the part of GLOBE dapat replace nila ang unit kung meron talagang defect. Since most of us almost are new subscriber and we must enjoy the items that we are paying for.