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    Hello! :)


      I want to ask if the iphone 4s and ipad mini plan still available? if yes, how much would be the initial cash out? how much per month? thank you.

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          iPhone 4s 8Gb + iPad Mini 16Gb Wifi... meron pa po.. free for PLAN 3799 and above.. cash out naman pag below..

          seasonal lang po jingbuera kaya tawag na sa (02) 7301010.. or visit Globe store..

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            Hi jingbuera,



            iPhone 4s 8Gb + iPad Mini 16Gb Wifi is still available free at Plan 3799.


            Best Plan most people subscribe it with is Plan 1799 with 7200 cashout (can be amortized up to 24 mos with participating credit cards)


            You may call the hotline via 211 (globe) / 808 (tm) / Landline (Manila) 02 730 1010 / or you may visit any globe store sales for further information on different plans.



            Thanks and best regards!