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    postpaid application status


      I applied plan 999 with I phone4S last Sept 28, 2014. Its been two weeks now but I haven't received any notification if my application's approved or not.. Nag iinform ba si globe kung denied yung application?

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          Gail .

          Haha. Clarify ko lang ah. SEPT 28 2014? Maybe you mean AUG 28 2014.

          Anyways, much better if you will follow up kung sang channel ka man nag-apply ng plan mo. Or you can still follow up sa hotline 211 or (02) 730-1000.

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            Hi cherryberry,


            Thanks for being with globe and welcome to the community!


            For plan activation, please ensure that you have done all basic troubleshooting.

            >>Try turning on "Airplane Mode" on your phone, and once activated, turn it back off. (Please refer to your phone's instructional manual). Recheck if you have the signal. If not working, follow next procedure

            >>Turn the device off, remove the sim card from the sim tray / slot and if possible, remove the battery while doing this, afterwhich, reinsert the sim to the tray / slot and put back the battery. Turn your device on, and recheck if signal has been established. If not, follow the next procedure/

            >>Follow up your application from where you applied your plan from. E.g., if you applied at the store, follow up the store for the activation. If you applied online, follow up our account specialists via hotline, just call 211 to follow up, and if applied via hotline, you may also call 211 for the follow up of the activation of the service.


            I hope this helps you and I hope you would enjoy being with us in globe!


            Thanks and Best Regards!




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              hi, just wanna share with my friends case, when he applied, unfortunately hindi sya makontak sa binigay nya na number so hindi sya nainform nun hindi maapprove ung application nya, did u applied online or over the phone? do u still have the original documents with you? may i suggest na mag apply ka directly sa store so you would know if you need to provide additional documents, usually its the financial documents and verification (if coe ang ipinapasa) ang nagiging reason ng delay. hoping you will be a part of growing community of globe subscriber

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                  Hello :)  through online ako ng apply last august 28. The day after I send my requirements through online I received call from globe verifying some info about me. I received another 2 calls (Sept. 1&6)verifying the same thing. Expect ko daw yung tawag after two days... Nagfollow up din ako almost 5 times. Wala pa ring feedback kung approved o hindi.. Anyways, pwede ba ako magdirect nalang sa store khit my pending application online? Sabi kasi ng mga nakakausap ko sa hotline hindi raw pwede pag my pending application.  Btw thanks sa response! :)