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      10 days before the end of my cut off period... I chatted with one of their reps and requested to unsubscribe my boosters GoSurf299 and MySuperOne as I dont want these boosters be included  on the next month. The rep then advised me to contact them back a day before my cut off period. After 3 days or 5 days, I called them back and requested to upgrade my plan. So it was processed and I was advised that it will take effect on the 10th. That's fine.


      So I contacted them back on the said date as previously advised... the rep I spoke with over the phone could not  process my request as I had a change of plan request. The rep even sounded like she was blaming me as I did not include/request to have these 2 boosters removed when I request to change my plan. Really?

      I am very disappointed with how they assisted me. there was no willingness to

      rectify it.