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    Lenovo A536


      Sept 04, 2014, 5:53pm, a Globe agent called me, offering this Lenovo A536 with powerbank under Plan 499, at first I was reluctant, but then after much persuasion, she got me to say yes, but I told her I was still under a 24 month contract with Globe Plan 499 CloudPad 705w tablet and CloudFone 352g, but she said it's ok dw. then she asked for information, for the application dw sa additional line, eventually after that she forwarded me to her supervisor, and the her supervisor confirms my decision if I really want to apply for an additional line, I said yes, then she said that I should wait for a call from their delivery team. One week passed, i didn't received any call from them. I tried to ask information from Talk2Globe Chat Assist Service (they have great service by the way) and to my surprise, they informed me that i don't have any pending additional line application daw. So, was that call from Sep 4, 2014 just a prank call? Actually, I was really looking forward to receive the phone and I was dismayed.

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          Hi inugami101685,


          I hope I could further help you out with this concern. However, if there is no pending application under your name, the best thing to do is to go to the nearest globe store, have your account checked if you could further avail of an additional line and if yes, then you can avail of the Lenovo A536 or even other devices which could be accommodated to your plan.


          I hope this helps and hoping you could get another line as soon as possible!



          Thanks and best regards!