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    anung yari?


      anung nangyari?.. inayos lang ng globe technician yun dsl  namin tapos sabi pa nga nya, ahh 3 mbs pala yung inaaplayan nyo sir.. sabi ko na maman uu,,, tapos 1 month after nakadefualt na sya sa 1 mbs.. then sobrang bagal na po mag 1 month na yung net speed namin na mapapamura ka talga.. amoy tae na poh! T_T... may maintainance po ba tayo dto sa pagadian city mindanao?..

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          Better to report it again so they could re-check. You may want to call or use the channels in Contact Us and get the name, time date and other details of the person who would do the servicing in your place in case you have to elevate it to higher channels.

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            Fun facts:


            "Anong yari" literally translates to "what is it made of"


            Yes in tagalog is spelled "oo", not "uu". It's the same number of characters, why change it?


            I've never heard DSL speed described as "amoy tae".


            Why add a character to "Po"?





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                LoL.. ^_^ Let it Go.

                @@I've never heard DSL speed described as "amoy tae".>> Now you heard it.[ this is how people describe it when dsl speed decrease dramatically and constant disconnection for a month.

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                I understand your concern and totally, I suggest that you should reset your password once a month for your account to be updated to them. (I see this as a step para marefresh lagi si account).


                Second, you should ask them to send a technician to your premises to reverify and to reset your speeds to your plan.

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                    yeah! thank you sir.. Ganito po kasi yun sir yung time na nagloko na yung DSL namin. Tapos nung nag inquire ako sabi nila ng may ina upgrade daw yung globe .So di ko lang yung pinansin hanggang umabok na ng isang buwan, ginawa ko nag-log in ako sa setup ng globe router as admin, napansin ko na lang na 984/325 yung status ng down/up T_T...