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    Share A Load for roaming


      Dear Globe,


      I have been using your international roaming for 2 yrs now and I was always using *143# for sharing load credits to my family and friends in the Philippines without hassle until just recently.


      You implemented a system in Share-A-Load in which the donor have to reply with YES to  2652 to proceed the transfer. Sad to say -- and how frustrating it is -- ever since this was implemented I was not able to share credits anymore.


      Have you thought carefully about this? What about your roaming customers, do you want to neglect us? Have you ever thought that when we reply it will be considered a roaming text? I did not even mind the roaming cost, I replied, replied and replied but to no avail.


      Okay, so what about PIN. I also tried sharing a load with PIN in the hope that it will proceed with the transfer because it is more secure. But then again, a confirmation text is required. What?? Is it not enough for security to include PIN?


      Please try to improve. And most importantly, dont you ever neglect good paying customers.