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    G-Cash Card


      Could somebody send me the link on how to register, personalize and acquire my G-Cash card please. Thank you.

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          To Register..


          Dial *143# for FREE using your Globe/TM SIM.

          • Step 1. Select GCash.
          • Step 2. Select Register and key in your personal information.


          For more info visit https://www.globe.com.ph/help/gcash

          Sorry but I'm not familiar on how to acquire for GCash Card but this link might help. https://mygcash.globe.com.ph/gcashonline/

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            Thanks janperzone
            Though i tried using those link i'm still having a hard time on how to do it.
            I once have successfully had a G-Cash Card but unfortunately my phone bearing the G-Cash registered SIM was stolen and i tried to replace the SIM with the same number but after visiting Globe Service Centers (Edsa Shamgri-la, Trinoma, Mega Mall, Gateway, Robinson's Magnolia, Center Point, SM North) they have the same reason, that is they don't have the serial number for my former number 09156116004. Whew.
            Globe I'm really having a hard time now using G-Cash at G-Cash Outlets.
            Please do help me acquire a new G-Cash card.

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                jorgekit - for lost/stolen phone/sim with GCASH, it is best to visit Globe store for transfer of funds or cash-in.


                As for the G-CASH card, I believe there is a link after logging in to your Globe account GLOBE and clicking "access my GCASH" will redirect you to GCash Online - GLOBE. click the confirm button and you should be seeing your GCASH account. from there you should be seeing the "Card Application" link from the dashboard. I can no longer walk you through as I don't have GCASH account. it is best to visit Globe Store for your GCASH transfer and cash-in if in case your still have funds on your old GCASH account. you may inquire as well on how to have new GCASH card.


                Hi tjofgcash, need your expertise for  jorgekit's concern

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