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    new postpaid application approval process




      I have applied for a new postpaid plan 999 with xiaomi mi3 phone. I have submitted all the necessary requirements and somebody called me from glove following up and conducted an interview. I have been waiting for more than a week now and I have called 3 times to follow up on my application. first i was informed that there is no response yet and advised to callback after 24 hours. I have called back and was informed that there were calling me about the application but the line is busy, I have informed the representative that the phone they are calling is not mine and non existent. I gave them my landline number and my mobile number and was informed that I will be given a call within 24 to 48 hours but the landline that was on the record is still the non existent number. That has passed as well and when I follow up they said it is for approval and should wait for the nest 24 to 48 hours again. another 48 hours passed and still doesn't have any confirmation. I called again to verify and was informed that it is still for approval and was informed that the number on the record is still the non existent number, I informed the rep that was supposed to be change and gave them my 2 contact numbers again.


      normally how long does it take for a new line to be approved or at least to be informed if the new postpaid application if approved or now. Anyway, I have called and had 3 different reference numbers. If you need them let me know but any help from you guys would be pretty much appreciated. Thanks in advance.