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    Globe Online Application not yet confirm if approved or denied


      Applied thru Hotline Thurs, 10:05 pm Sept 11

      " Plan 1799- LG G3"


      First Call from Globe Rep, = Friday Sept 12

      Second Call from Globe Rep = Saturday Sept 13

      Third Call from Globe Rep = Sunday Sept 14


      All calls confirming about my Globe application Plan 1799 LG G3 and Identification. and said that I completed all necessary Reqts.


      Today, Sept 16, 11:25am Called Sales Hotline for Follow Up. Agent said that will wait 24 to 48 hours  for me to know what is the status if I was APPROVED or DENIED.


      Is this really how Online Application process goes?

      I thought Online application will be more convenient and efficient.


      I cant wait. What to do?