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    Wimax complain and termination fee


      Hi, it's been two weeks now since we're not able to use our wimax connection. Ilang beses na naming itinawag sa troubleshoot hotline and even visited the Globe Telecom Office in Olongapo but until today, wala pa rin kaming signal. According to them, technical problem daw at hindi alam kung kailan maaayos. This answer is really unacceptable! We subscribed to this service because we need their service. They cannot let us wait for indefinite time until when they can fix the problem. They should do something about it. No one has visited our home to check the problem either.


      Now, my question is: Can we terminate the contract due to this issue without paying the termination fee? We're using wimax since June 2013. We will not terminate it supposedly, but they cannot keep us waiting. If they cannot provide us the definite time as to when this will be fixed, we rather switch from other network provider.


      Thanks for your response.