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    When LOYALTY means NOTHiNG.


      Hi we availed a group plan under Plan 499 for a 24-months contract last October 2, 2012.

      Handset  :  3 Blackberry phones
      Freebie   :   Free mySuperTxtAll - Unlimited texts to all networks.

      Our contract is about to end this October . We pays on time within our lock-in period. We became LOYAL GLOBE Subscribers.
      Does our group plan eligible for rebate? recontract ? According to a frontline agent in SM Megamall  ( Globe Business Center ), group/family plan is no longer available at the  very moment .That person even advised us to separate the 3-lines as new account (  we can still use the same number as before ) Thus if we wish to recontract , we may not enjoy the rebate  as " a group plan " .
      --If we will not terminate our account, would it be a guarantee that we can still enjoy the same freebie ?
      (  2012 :    Free mySuperTxtAll - Unlimited texts to all networks.)

      - If that is true that our group plan ( that we subscribed last 2012) is not applicable for rebate , what would be our incentive for LOYALTY ?

      I would greatly appreciate comments/answers to my question .