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    2474 2346 VAS Scam!

    Ryan Jae Ongcuangco

      I doubt if this was an isolated issue, I constantly received message from 2474 and 2346 along with the acknowledgement message that I now have the access to its value added services content and charged P10/day. These is BS i never initiated the subscription.

      Why Globe still permits these third party vendor company efactory binbit xurpas et.al to provide mobile contents to its subscribers despite of complaints on missing load/unnecessary charges to bill, the scheme of this companies are by providing content for free today and they will charge you the regular fee later on, or by offering a P20 free load by just texting a code to the access number which will eventually auto-subscribe your number to received their value added contents.

      though there are means to unsubscribe from this access number, I was charged then, and the next morning I will be subscribe again.

      I've seen niche on the process of subscribing, It can be done by anyone who wishes to sabotage unsuspecting subscribers load or create high charges on postpaid bill.

      My presumption, This auto-subscribe scheme were done intentionally.

      Why not banned this third party company?

      I hope GlennO and paulos will get in touch with me to further discuss this.