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    Loyalty Reward


      Hi, My contract is about to end this month though I contacted your hotline and check for loyalty rewards that I can choose from and what shocks me is that the option that the representative gave is either I will have a montly rebate or get a free phone, If I get the free phone I wont be able to have montly rebate, but for the free phone it works like this, iphone 6 is free under 2499 plan and... thats pretty much it and I was like there's no sense saying it as free phone for reward as you can have it same deal ever if your a new subscriber.


      So, what I want to know is... what do you have in store for recontracting customer? as I'm beggining to be disappointed. If I get the rebate I wont be able to upgrade my phone!... what are the options that I can choose from?