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    How long does it take to process an online postpaid application?


      On Sunday (September 14), I visited a Globe branch in EDSA-Shangri La. After filling up the application form and after having the plan I wanted verified, I informed the Globe sales representative that I would like to pay in cash. Unfortunately, he said that if I choose to pay in cash, I will have to wait 3-5 days for approval but if I were to use a credit card (which I don't currently have), approval would be on the spot. I was actually a bit disappointed about this because I had a friend who also applied in-store and paid in cash almost a year ago (He availed of Plan 1799 w/ iPhone 5c) and he was approved then and there. I was actually there with him when he applied. They just told him that his SIM won't be activated until about 5 days later.


      Later that night, I went home a little disappointed. I decided to give the online application a shot, so I applied online Sunday night. On Monday morning, I received a text message from a certain Mhae informing me that they recieved my application and gave me a list of requirements to submit. I was able to submit the required documents by Wednesday and I was also interviewed over the phone the same day. The interview was just to get my personal information as well as the plan I would like to apply for (Plan 1799 w/ Samsung Galaxy S5). So after questioning and verification, they said that they would conduct employment verification by today (I'm not sure if they were able to though -- no advice from them even though I did email them about the process). So I'm just wondering, how long will it take? To be honest, I'm a little anxious to get my postpaid plan started and get the S5 haha. Should I visit one of the globe stores again?