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    Paperless Billing?


      Hi, quick question. If I enroll for Paperless BIlling, does that mean they won't be sending me my bill through mail anymore? If so, how can I disable paperless billing or have both (paperless and mail)? Thanks xx

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          If you want to have a hard copy of your billing statement they will charge you of 50.00 pesos every month. That's why they offer paperless billing which is no cash out involve. Just check your email before your cut-off date. And please correct me with this that they send it 5 days before your cut off.

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              I was receiving hard copies when there was an offer to shift to paperless billing. However when the paperless billing was being emailed to me (and the hard copies stopped), I found out that there was no documentation that would prove that I would I have received my Statement of Account unlike hard copies where recipient is made to sign that the bill was actually received.


              Globe, with paperless billing, always assumes that the recipient has already received the bill once Globe sends it and makes no effort to verify such and therefore shifts the burden to the subscriber. it makes it even harder in case documentation is needed when elevating concerns to the judiciary (which already happened to me).


              I therefore requested that I be shifted back to receiving hard copies which Globe granted (with no extra charge) and now I receive both kinds of bills (paper and paperless).


              Although paperless is environmentally friendly, Globe should find a way to make sure that the statements are duly received by the recipient in accordance with the e-commerce law. Some of my credit card statements are being sent via email but they follow a verification process to make sure that I have received the bill. 

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              You can opt to have both paperless billing and hard copy of your bill ( 50.00 pesos will be charge monthly for hard copy).

              Please contact globe to avail your preferred billing option Contact Us

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                  If you were receiving your bills on a hard copy before shifting to paperless and you would want to go back to having hard copies sent, just request customer service to waive all charges since you were originally being sent hard copies at no cost (and your right as a consumer based on the original agreement). You may want to justify that when you shifted to paperless, no explanation was given to you that subsequent bills would be charged if requested via hard copy.


                  As far as I know, charges to hard copies are being applied if ORIGINALLY you were subscribed to paperless.


                  Right now, I am receiving both email and hard copies every month with no extra cost.