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    What is the Globe Community?


      I stumbled across this Globe Community. I do not remember even signing up for it. I am doing my best to find out what the community is about? Please, I need someone to explain to me everything they understand about this community.

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          Welcome to GlobeCommunity!


          This is a place where you can hangout with active Globe Subscribers and Guests who wants to know more about globe products and services.


          Everyone here is willing to help and support you along any concern you may have with globe.


          I hope we here at globe community be able to help you in any way possible.




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              I inherited a motorola phone used by the Mission Evangelism, Inc. It had a

              globe sim in it. It was suppose to be an international phone, I could use

              anywhere in the world.... the sim serial number is 8944 1100 6477 5830 692

              Please direct me to the correct customer service representative that can

              help me solve my situation or activate the sim.... I have my headquarters

              in Pakistan. However, I have mission works, churches, and schools in 31




              Forever Prayers,

              Archbishop Corlis L. Dees II,


              Christian World Church, Inc. - Pakista <http://www.corlisdees.org>

              St. Mary's Mission High School


              [email protected]




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              Bishop Dees II


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