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    How can I change my KYC status to "Not Validated"?


      I signed up for the GCash Amex 1-week trial and received an email stating that I am already KYC'ed.

      This surprised me because I didn't get myself KYC'ed before. But I was able to cash-in before (years ago, before KYC was a requirement) and submitted an ID so I thought that must be why I am already KYC'ed.




      Anyway, I still wanted to be sure and went to a Globe Store to verify. The rep said that my KYC status is "Currenty Validated".

      So I was able to cash-in to myself and renew my subscription to Amex.

      Scanned Document-4.jpg


      I also tried to buy Tetris Cash (just to see if my GCash works) and it did work. My balance was deducted.


      Now, the problem is I cannot send GCash to another number. It says that "Sorry, your mobile number is not KYC'ed "

      What?! I thought I was already KYC'ed.



      So I called 2882 hoping that I could talk to a Customer Service Rep but all I heard were voice prompts.


      So my question is: Is it possible to change my KYC Status to "Not Validated" so that I can be PROPERLY validated?

      If so, what number should I call to make this change?