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    applied for postpaid data plan but not registered


      I applied for data plan with 1.5GB allocation, my line was activated last monday(09/15) and deactivated sunday (09/21). upon calling the hotline, account specialist advised me that I incurred unbilled charges due to the reason that I'm not actually registered in any data plan. How can this happen?

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          aww that's bad experience amercolita.  Did you apply online? If so, that is the danger of online transactions.  Are the documents you signed specifically indicate your desired combos?  Otherwise, this should have been cleared immediately upon receipt of the SIM and handset (if you availed of one).  If there were no combos registered/activated witgh your plan, the default is that all available PVs goes to consumable. Try calling 211 thru a Globe-provided phone or thru landline at 730-1000, or contacting any social network accounts of Globe as listed in Contact Us to clarify this matter.


          In any case, if you will permanently discontinue your account, you will be liable for a pretermination fee if you availed of a handset with your plan.  And you also need to settle the usage charges.  If you can prove that (written doc) your desired combos were not actually registered/activated, then you have a good chance that the charges will be reversed.

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            Paulo D

            Hi amercolita!


            You can check your combos via MyAccount. Just register/login via http://accounts.globe.com.ph


            Also, sent you a private message which you can view from the menu above.

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