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    Globe Wimax signal


      Hi Globe.


      My sister and I just recently applied for a Wimax 1mbs last July 21 of this year. During that month up to August, the signal parameters of the modem were full and connection is satisfying until this September. Since this we know rainy season na sa Pilipinas this started the Wimax to slow. Up until now the signal in the modem is only 3 bars which if you access the net via desktop, opening websites takes really longer to open, youtube at times takes longer to play a 6mins or more video.


      So, do you think 3 parameters signal of our wimax is normal to get a connection? The technical team i once talked to said it's because of the site connection is getting, we just need to monitor it. But for how long? 


      My sis and I wanted to terminate the plan but we know that we need to pay pre-termination fee. We are planning for an upgrade to LTE but also we need to pay for an upgrade fee. We are on a tight budget now so we are still thinking about it.