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      I have a problem with my internet after i press the reset button of my router. the model is DSL5018EN(1T1R)


      the DSL light of the router is off. sometimes it is on but just all of a sudden turns off again. i called service customer already and they checked my account. and they found no problem as my account is active.



      but im not so sure if the reset button is the one causing my internet problem as it already happened to me twice. the technician already changed my router with the same model as the problem already exist before.

      after the switch, the problem was solved. but as ive said, i press reset button again just yesterday, and the problem is back.



      so may i ask if someone also here encounter the same problem?

      is it the reset button causing this? cause im not really so sure.


      or if you know how to solved this please help me.


      share knowledge please XD