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    Globe Landline International internet very slow?


      For the past week we have had problems connecting to websites or services hosted in Singapore, West Asia and Europe. Connections to the US seem to be fine, and also within the Philippines there is no problem at all and our telephone is fine. We have tried to call technical support but we are always told that it's our computer or there is not a problem. Not likely as if so then why is our computer fine within the Philippines and to the US? Our computer is virus free and Malware free (Latest Bitdefender antivirus and malwarebytes malware checker), it is one of those rare fully legit software ones(!) and is fully up to date with the latest browsers, and we experience the same issues on our desktop PC, Laptop, and handheld tablet and samsung galaxy phone so it is definitely internet related. My neighbour on PLDT does not have this problem. Are there any issues with Globe currently for connecting abroad? We are subscribed to the 10MB internet landline package and do not have any problems with connections within the Philippines but problems occur when we visit websites hosted abroad, particularly to the west of the Philippines, (Singapore, Malaysia, India and accross to Eastern Europe). Anyone with any insight or if you have the same issues it would be good to hear from you!

      Here is an export of a series of tests run today on Speedtest.net, we are in Cebu and we tested Globes Cebu and Batangas compared to other countries which seem to be effected. We tested San Fransico last, the US is not a problem and you can see Cebu and Batangas are not a problem but please look at the download speeds for Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Istanbul and Athens (the worst!)? Is there an undersea cable problem in that direction?



      IP ADDRESSTEST DATETIME ZONEDOWNLOAD (MEGABITS)UPLOAD (MEGABITS)LATENCY (MS)SERVER NAMEDISTANCE (MILES) 9:13 PMHKT8.470.8429Batangas100 9:15 PMHKT8.170.8330Batangas100 9:15 PMHKT8.510.8432Batangas100 9:22 PMHKT8.470.8529Cebu City250 9:25 PMHKT8.450.8129Cebu City250 9:26 PMHKT8.440.8529Cebu City250 9:29 PMHKT8.330.6233Cebu City0 9:32 PMHKT1.160.6385Hong Kong1050 9:34 PMHKT0.50.47111Hong Kong1050 9:36 PMHKT0.820.6381Hong Kong1050 9:39 PMHKT0.680.5974Singapore1500 9:49 PMHKT0.450.6173Singapore1500 9:53 PMHKT0.330.6581Kuala Lumpur1600 9:56 PMHKT0.110.23275Mumbai3450 10:00 PMHKT0.30.62308Istanbul6000 10:02 PMHKT0.090.47295Athens6350 10:05 PMHKT8.50.6435Batangas300 10:06 PMHKT8.510.6333Cebu City0 10:09 PMHKT7.490.49216San Francisco, CA7050


      On a side note, ping tests abroad commonly result in a 20-30% packet loss. Not within the Philippines though?