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    claiming "loyalty rewards"


      My contract ended mid last year and as i checked my options for "loyalty" they offered bill rebate (which what i have been getting for the past 4 or 5 contract periods) and free phone. Since i will be joining a new company, i opted to wait because there were plans of issuing a new line to me. I told them that i will just wait but for the meantime, they offered me the plan with peso value which does not require recontracting and after explaining how it is computed, i agreed.


      After a year, i decided to just claim "bill rebate" again. Upon calling their hotline, (found in the globe store) i was informed that the only available option for me is the new phone and bill rebate is no longer an option since i am subscribed to my super plan (or something like that; the one with peso value) already. I asked their customer service how come it is no longer available. he further explained that i already changed my plan and even asked me if i was informed that once i subscribe to my super plan, i cannot avail of the bill rebate anymore and i can no longer change my plan. i said i was not informed. I insisted on getting the plan with bill rebate since they never informed me that it was not an option anymore. They told me the only way to change my plan is to apply for a new one. Huwaaaaat?!


      So then i was considering of getting the new phone instead.. but thinking about it, the only "loyalty reward" is that you get to keep your number and nothing else. If i opt for a "free phone", the peso value equivalent will also be deducted from the peso value in total. That doesn't really make it free now, does it?!


      Haaaaaaaaaay Globe! Not giving the FULL information to your "valued customers" about offers and rules misleads us, which locks us up in a box where the only option we have is to just take your offer. This doesn't make us "valued".. oh and compared to other networks, these rewards are only given if we asked about it..


      I hope you make your "valued LOYAL subscribers" feel valued.

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          So sorry about your experience but just to let you know (and others too), you should have taken the bill rebate as soon as possible EVEN IF you have intentions of terminating your account not immediately but in a future time OR if you are still undecided as to what the offers of Globe simply because you can cancel your subscription or opt for a better offer anytime you want IF you are availing of the bill rebates.


          The rebates would not lock the subscriber but rather make Globe give you the rebates for at most 24 months. Subscribers (and their CSRs make it appear) think that by availing of the bill rebates they are locked for another 24 months which is not so.


          Moving on, your only recourse is to have a willing CSR or their superior to amend your plan to put it back to the legacy plan that you had. You have to fully explain to them your situation and the history behind your account and how you were lured in changing your plan without fully explaining everything to you.If successful, the bill rebates could be offered to you once again. It is not an easy thing to do but I tell you that it is possible (and I've seen it happen)


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            I'm guessing your account is Corporate not Consumer. Am I right?