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    Wrong Mobile Wifi Unit Delivery offered thru phone, still unreplaced after almost 7 months and unused ever since


      Hi All,



      Need help on this issue.

      I've been a Globe subscriber for almost 6 years now and this is the worst issue I have.

      Last March 2014, an agent offered me a mobile wifi thru phone.

      Usually I turn down this kind of phone offers because I don't need it in the first place, but after a long 15 min sales talk, I reluctantly reconsidered to avail of the offer hoping that it would help me especially in my graduate studies research.

      The offer, as I have reverified again and again while we were talking, was an LTE Mobile Wifi (Hotspot) with powerbank for only 300/month.

      The unit was delivered March 8, 2014, Saturday around noon.

      Its the first time I saw a mobile wifi in person, since all other people I know just use their smartphones to directly connect to 3G/4G as i do.

      I checked the unit, and it included an LTE simcard, so I assumed it was the right unit,

      else why would Globe include an LTE sim with a non-LTE mobile wifi. And then paid the 500php fee as per earlier advised thru fon.




      To my delight, after the deliveryman left, I posted it immediately on FB, and one of my contacts suggested to verify the model unit.

      But to my surprise, the unit was just a regular Huawei E220 4G unit. No LTE. No Powerbank Model.

      I only new then that there were different models of Mobile Wifi, those regular 4G, 4G w/ powerbank, LTE w/ powerbank,

      else I could have immediately recognized that it looks different from what I could have expected to receive and not accepted it in the first place. But unfortunately I didn't know that there were diff models and I trusted Globe that the right unit as offered thru phone will be delivered especially that an LTE sim was included.



      I immediately reported it thru the 211 hotline, and told me that they can't verify if the unit was wrongly delivered since there were no specific model indicated in the system. But suggested to have it checked and replaced thru a nearby Globe business center.

      The ff day, March 9, 2014, I went to Globe SM Dasma, and the one I talked to verified that it is really not an LTE powerbank unit and suggested to go to other Globe Centers especially in Manila, that may have a replacement unit.

      Within a week, I went to Globe SM MOA hoping that unit will be replaced, again one of their staff told me they don't have an LTE powerbank unit and since it was offered thru phone I should transact the replacement thru phone also. This started to piss me off. 


      So again I called the 211 hotline, told what happened and asked the exact time and date that the phone offer was made so that they can try to listen to the actual recording of what really was offered to me. I followed it up every week until I got tired of repeating every details again and hearing the same "Ieescalate po namin Sir" answer of the CSR agent. Then Bill#2 and #3 was delivered to me at the same time last late May. No Bill#1 was delivered to me, as I did't even expect that I will be billed since I reported the issue immediately on the day it was delivered. And of course I didn't pay the bill.

      This prompted me to follow it up thru the hotline and again they had me repeat the details and received the same "escalate" answer.

      No succeeding bill was delivered to me and I also didn't have a notification saying I have an unpaid bill, so again I assumed the issue is really being resolved.


      Last Aug 2, unfortunately my phone was snatched, so I lost the reference number I always use to follow-up the report.


      Last Aug 20, I followed it up thru globechat since I'm already tired of talking and listening to agents for the same issue again and again.

      After repeating all the details again but now thru Chat, CSR Cristel Moreno processed my complaint and gave me a ticket number  And as expected, no progress in resolution.


      Next time I followed up thru 211 was Sept 22, surprisingly the CSR said, there were no complaints tagged to my mobile wifi number...

      really.... after all those months... it suddenly disapperead? So then I repeated the same details again but did not give me a new reference number. And again escalate.... escalate.... escalate..... and promised there would be feedback in 24-48 hrs.

      As expected, today Sept24 came, and still no feedback. I called again to 211 and said the ticket number cannot be seen in the system since it should only be 8 digits, what again? all those follow-ups unretrievable again? Shouldn't be chat ticket#s (10digits) and 211 ticket#s (8 digits) be reconciled, or have the same format?


      So the CSR gave me another ticket number, now with 8 digits and another 48 hours to wait (for nothing)....

      Suggested that I still not use the unit to not complicate the issue and forfeit my claim.

      I still haven't use it for a single second. The picture above was even just a perfectly timed shot on when all the LEDs are on after turning on the unit, which then immediately turned off since the sim was still not activated at that time.


      So what do I would want to happen now?


      A) Have this unit replaced and the unit as agreed upon by the phone offer.


      B) If the offer was wrong in the first place, then just cancel the account, waive all my unpaid bills, and get the unit, or I would be really glad to bring it back to the globe business center as these has just been an eyesore to me, since every time I see it, I remember the issue. As if no transaction happened


      C) If it cannot be brought back, then I'm willing to pay additional for the unit as if I have just bought it OTC.

      As far as I know this just now cost 1,495 from 1,995. Really not worth all the stress and hassle it had cause me.

      And of course make sure that all my unpaid bills are waived.


      Anyone please help me. Just want to get over this issue and have this unit decided upon.

      Else the saying "Ano, inaantay mo... Pasko?" will really be a reality.


      Thank you very much.