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    UnliSurf Combo or My SuperPlan


      Nag pa renew ako ng contract ko and availed the Samsung Galaxy S5 unde plan1799.. And i am very excited to get my new phone


      Mejo curious ako dun sa best ever MySuperPlan na may up to 5Gb plus spotify premium

      Nasabihan ako ng agent na same pa rin ung plan ko as before....

      *Unlimited LTE din po ba ung akin?

      Comparing from my previous plan na may 1Gb cap/day.. Ask ko lang din kung ano ung best plan., ung old ko po ba UnliSurf Combo 1799 or ung best ever MySuperPlan1799.


      Same plan as before ung contract ko., curious lang ako if ano ung mas maganda.

      Yung friend ko kase nabago ung plan nia from old to the new best ever plan...  

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          Hi elbertfuerte once mag renew its either automatically sa best ever ka or not sa old plan mo.

          1. Best Ever

               - Iba na yung mga Combo at Wala na yung Unlisurf, GoSurf na ngayon

               - Combo 999 is 5GB with Spotify premium,  5GB allocated for data services every month and beyond that will be deducted to your consumables or will be billed on top of your plan and 1GB for spotify. Premium will last only for 6 months.

               - Unlimited LTE in a sense na maximum bill mo for Data will be 1500 kahit maka ilang GB ka pa.

               - Subject to FUP pa rin

          2. Old Plan mo - Super Plan

               - 800MB/day yung unlisurf na combo at 3GB/month, once ma reach mo yung limit your data speed will be switched to 2G

               - Subject to FUP pa rin

          if you have the option not to migrate, maintain mo na lang yung Unlisurf if meron pa instead of GoSurf. Personal experience ko with GoSurf 5GB, yes i enjoy spotify premium account but i am not enjoying paying beyond my Plan 1799 because of exceeding data consumption