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    Globe Forever


      How long have you been a Globe customer? What makes you stay with Globe? :smileyhappy:

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          Globe mobile prepaid = 2002 - present
          Globe WiMAX = May 2012 - March 2013
          Globe mobile postpaid = March 2013 - present
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              I started as a prepaid customer way back 2003, you know the time when Nokia 5210 is at its peak. Lol. 2010 when I started my line. What makes me stay with globe is the fact that I'm afraid of changes, haha. I'm confortable and accustomed with the services Globe offers. I know globe has its flaws and not just globe, even other companies have their own flaws with their services but who cares, so long as I receive the services I expected from Globe, Im cool with that. :manvery-happy:

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              Globe subscriber for 9 years :smileyhappy:
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                Globe user here since 2005 under prepaid and decided to go with postpaid last 2011
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                  I've been a Globe subscriber since I got my first phone when I was in 3rd year highschool in 2001 (Prepaid) and the sim costs if I'm not mistaken Php800 or Php 600 at that time and the cheapest load costs Php 300! hahaha.. Then I had my Wimax Broadband in 2010 and ended it in 2011 -I hated it so much I switched to a DSL ISP.. Then now, I have my mobile Postpaid Plan that I got in 2011 and I'll be having my re-contract this year :smileyhappy: 


                  I love my mobile Postpaid Plan ..Globe provided me excellent service! I rarely call customer service and when I do, I only inquire about my bill (just plain inquiry, no dispute). I never experienced bill shock ..The only time I got over my credit limit of 1k is in August 2012 when my bill went up to 1,300+ but I didn't complain because I know why it went that big.. There were just I think two occasions when I made delayed payments due to payout date change (when I resigned to a job) but never my subscription went to the point where it got suspended.. My Globe Postpaid is my priority bill, second is my ISP bill (since I'm single and doesn't have any other responsibilities) and Globe never fails to impress me ..I'm a social apps fan so I chose the Unli Surf Plan so that I can open/receive notifications from social networking sites like FB, Twitter and I can check in anywhere, anytime in Foursquare! Upload photos anywhere and upload it right away! It's an awesome experience with Globe that's why I will do re-contract and avail of another phone that will suit my budget..


                  Globe is also very convenient to me..aside from the Unli Surf, I can also buy FB credits and will just be billed to my mobile plan :smileyhappy: And now, I can transfer Funds to my Gcash using my BPI account! I really love it..I love convenience because I don't like to fall in line, waiting in queue.. hopefully, once I re-contract, I will still have the same awesome experience I am experiencing this 2 years with my Globe Postpaid Plan!  MORE POWER TO GLOBE! :smileyhappy:


                  From your 100% Satisfied Customer :smileyhappy:

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                    Globe Prepaid June 2003-present
                    Globe Wimax May 2011-present
                    Globe Postpaid Dec 2012 - present
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                      I am a globe user since August 2012 when I decided to apply for a postpaid plan.

                      So far I received good service from Globe :smileyhappy:

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                        Started on prepaid around 2005 then shifted to postpaid in 2011. That's about 8 years?


                        Why stay? Because I love them, and they love me too! You can't get that treatment elsewhere! :smileytongue:


                        Also, I think it's worth noticing that my mom's been on postpaid since '97. :smileyhappy:

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                          Globe prepaid: 1999 - 2010

                          got my 1st sim that cost around P900

                          i even had a collection of prepaid cards

                          though i got a smart sim, i retained my globe sim

                          Globe Postpaid - my Superplan: 2010-2012

                          i upgraded my line to Platinum last 2012


                          what makes me stay? i dunno? most of my contacts are globe? i also got my family their postpaid lines, and my tatay na nasa abroad, ung network nila ay may affiliation sa Globe, kaya he can send me sms at a discounted rate...

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                            Since I used the the Nokia 3210 and up to present.. I think i was in High School that time..hmm.. more than 10 years I guess..
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                              I'm a globe subscriber since year 2006,when I was in 2nd year college,. I switch to globe by dt tym to reach sum1 special to me and also for the sake of my frnds,for they want us to get in touch all the time(and so am I),since then I loved to be a globe user,and roveen we're also the same, I'm already comfortable with globe and I dnt want to switch to any other network. In fact if my old globe sim that I've been using for six years did not get wrecked for itz oldness,surely I'm still using my old number,anyways,the good part is,tho I dnt have my old number,I'm still with globe,and thatz what matters :smileyhappy:
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                                It pays to be with GLOBE.

                                I was a prepaid customer sometime 2001 to July 2006. My memory has failed me. LOL. Back then, I got my first ever Nokia 5110 in Tuguegarao City's Business Center. My prepaid number then started with the 0917 access code. During those years, the only way to get airtime minutes was to buy the PhP300 prepaid card. I remember so well, I have to put my phone near the window to get reception from the nearest cell site which was 8-10 kilometers away.

                                After graduation from college, I decided to move to Manila for a greener pasture. That was 2005. I was still using my old prepaid number. Few months of working and struggling the fast-paced life in Manila, I was able to land on a high-paying and stable job in the BPO industry. My memory is still fresh. It was July 2006 when I applied for a postpaid line in Globe Business Center SM Megamall. The requirements back then were company ID, payslip and the advance payment. I was able to get my phone the same day and had the line working the next day. Since getting a postpaid line entails me to change numbers. I did not have a choice. I had to let my friends and family members of my new number.

                                Years have passed and the most coveted iPhone 3G was launched exclusively to Globe on 2008. I am proud to say that I was one of the many subscribers of Globe to get hold of the iPhone 3G.

                                Three to four years ago, I was paying for like three phone lines with Globe. They were used by a newphew and a niece who were in college. Since they graduated, I have to cancel one of them and did a transfer of ownership to the other one. Now, I only pay for one phone line and I have another one with Sun Cellular which is in existence since March 2008.

                                I don't want to elaborate more on the bad side of Globe. There is no perfect company and we all know that. Negative reviews and experiences always arise.

                                It pays to be with Globe. I am keeping my business with them. I don't want to go through the hassle of changing my number. Not unless there is number portability in the Philippines.

                                Being loyal to GLOBE has its perks.
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                                  Yes. Tuguegarao City - up north. I went home just recently to cast my vote :smileyvery-happy:
                                  • Globe Forever

                                    I have been a hardcore Globe customer.  My family memebrs are all Globe customers.  Our internet and landline is also powered by Globe, its a Tattoo Combo plan.  I like Globe for it's neat promos and events, and being constantly innovative, especially regarding customer support.  Although there are some hang ups, but it gets resolved quickly.

                                    RoveenCarlo wrote:

                                    How long have you been a Globe customer? What makes you stay with Globe? :smileyhappy:


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                                      Globe since 2005! Same number since then.  All of my family and most of my relatives are on Globe.

                                      Globe has a way making its services customized, simple and practical.  Even the access numbers are a sure no-brainer to remember unlike the others.  

                                      Top it all, it's service. service. service.  They've got most of the things I want for connectivity.

                                      They're just the best! Ever!

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                                        I started being with Globe way back in 2000. I was still in college then, my first GHP handset was Nokia 2110, followed by a Motorola Savvy and Nokia 5110. Lol

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                                          Welcome to the Globe Community TelynorPonceJr. :smileyhappy:
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                                            i've got 3 maintaining postpaid lines with globe... main line since 2005 and second line 2008..  broadband since 2009.

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                                              Prepaid - 2007 to 2011

                                              [email protected] DSL (back then it was Globelines Broadband) - 2008 to present

                                              Postpaid - 2011 to present



                                              Working @ Globe - 2011 to present :smileytongue:

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                                                Back when Globe Telecom was called Globe Handyphone and Islacom was the second digital network operating in the country. Until Globe bought Islacom.


                                                I was using a Panasonic unit about the size of a Mars chocolate bar back then, while I was subscribed to Plan 100, with free SMS which Globe was charging P165 only. Sometimes it's good for two months, other times it's good for three months.


                                                But yeah. That's how long I've been using Globe.


                                                Why do I stick it out with Globe? It's because I hardly have problems with it :smileywink:...

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                                                  been a user of globe since 2009..postpaid account. globe is very helpful in our life....

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                                                    i am a superloyal globe since 2000. i remember i have an email account na globextm.com.ph. 

                                                    i also use the voicemail of globe 280 but now it is discontinued. i think this service is very helpful.