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    Will there be a refund if we pay all the bill that the cashier mistakenly deducted the payment to the other account instead of deducting the bill on our account, after the problem is solved?


      On the month of May, cashier in a specific globe store where we pay for our WIMAX plan mistakenly deduct the bill to another account number, until we realize that there was a mistake when we were informed that we have not pay the bill for that month of May which results for us to have additional bill every month, we followed up this incident to the globe store but until today the case was still not solved and we were always disconnected by globe because of the extra bill left on our account because we don't want to pay for the extra bill  because it was the mistake of that globe store. How can we solve this problem? Will there be a refund if we try to pay all the bill in our account when this incident is solved?

      Thank you