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    Unli/Call text to Globe/TM as a combo using PV?


      Currently, I have mySuperPlan 499 with 900 PV and Samsung S7582 unit.

      I availed grabbed this plan after I was called by a agent over the phone and only paid 499 advance MSF which include Samsung S7582 for free. And the good thing is that no other supporting documents was required for my application


      Anyway, Why is it Unli call/text to Globe/TM is only offered as boosters? The reason I'm opening this is that I make a lot of calls since my contacts are all Globe/TM users here in Lanao del Norte. I wonder why is not being offered as combo.


      The only one being offered as of this moment as combo are 20 mins of call, consuming 100 PV but my overall calls reach as 3-6 hrs in a month alone based on my phone call counter.


      I'm also medium user of mobile internet. Intended for checking my emails and watching some videos on Youtube consuming about 300+ MB of data in a month so I include a GoSURF499.


      Could anyone help me modify or suggest to my current plan based on my needs? As much as possible I don't want to go on higher plans since I'm on a very tight budget. Not to mention, it would require another requirements like the minimum 10k wage payslip but my salary is just below 10k as of this moment.