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    How can I maximize my peso value?


      Hi, I currently have an iphone 5c under plan 1799. How can I maximize my peso value? I always end up consuming more than 5 gig. Can I have 2 of that booster that comes with 5 gigs so I can have 10 gigs in total? Is that possible?C

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          Plan 1799 has a PV of 3200/month of which you may have deducted

          1. 1100 PV/month for your device (assuming 24 months) and at least

          2. 999 PV/month for you 5Gb Gosurf subscription


          Leaving you at least 1101 PV/month for other Combos and consumables


          Since the anti bill shock of Globe's Gosurf's subscription would limit the maximum surfing charges to Php 1500/month and you are subscribed to Gosurf 999, your liability would only be Php 1,500 less 999 which is only Php 501.00. I have made several clarifications already with several Globe people concerned and I was assured that the amount is CHARGEABLE to the consumables left.


          Saying that, it would be pointless to add another Gosurf 999 subscription for another 5Gb when just for Php 501.00 which could be deducted from your consumables or billed on top of your subscription if you have consumed your PVs, you can already have UNLIMITED surfing without being throttled down.