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    I called about my disconnection issues and suffering this from the that we got globe


      And still they can't or I think they "don't" want fix this. I'm suffering on this kind of crappy service and connection when we made globe our ISP. I think they deleted my other thread about this. The problem is that I'm suffering disconnection issues even now and then and it really affects my online job. I can't do anything about it, when I try to call they always advice me to MONITOR my connection and there's an ongoing site issue last week. But I have been suffering like this when we started using globe at August. They send tech reps and one of the reps advice me to reboot the modem when I get disconnected, so meaning I will HAVE TO REBOOT MY MODEM EVERY TIME IT DISCONNECTS AND MY INTERNET DISCONNECTS CONSTANTLY. WORSE IS THAT IT GOT DISCONNECTED FOR ABOUT 3 -5 TIMES JUST IN AN HOUR. That should suppose to happen it must my consistent even if the modem gets hot. I'm sick and tired of waiting and calling about my issue and yet they DON'T want to do anything about this. One angry customer about your service reflects a 100 more remember that! I already sent my information to one of your reps in this community. Please just do something about it or we will be forced to change ISP and rate your Internet 1 start.