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    New DSL plan 1599 (5Mbps) but hardcapped only at 3072kbps at modem


      New Tattoo DSL subscriber here plan 1599, 5mbps landlne wifi bundle.

      Upon installation, the installers noted that my modem/line is hardcapped at only 3072 kbps downstream and 1020 kbps downstream as indicated by the AZTECH modem/router ADSL status page. They said the cabinet where im connected to is only giving or set to 3072kbps.


      True enough after several speed test i only get about 2.6Mbps (downstream) at most.

      The installer said that the downstream/upstream rate will be updated to >5000kbps once the system updates my account after 24hrs coinciding with the landline activation.


      After 30hrs, i check the landline and its now working. I also taken several speedtest but sadly i still only get about 2.5Mbps maximum.

      I checked the aztech router status page at and ADSL downstream rate is still set at 3072kbps.

      I called Globe customer support (211) to report this but the customer representative insisted i ALREADY have a 5mpbs in their system.

      She instead blamed the installer for giving false information about my speed/connection.

      So i just have her schedule a technical team to visit here.

      Is anyone had the same problem.

      Its only over a day and it seems globe support is giving me head ache