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    Insight on Globe's prepaid 3g system.


      so hey I'm greg, I've been a very curious globe user for quite some time now, and I've been investing quite a bit of "doe" for globe recently mainly coz of Globe's 3g.


      now I just have wanna lay some questions out there for globe and for the people to think about.


      there's no doubt that globe has a very powerful mobile data connection, I mean I've tried them all I promise, and globe balances this with they're bandwidth (you can check this out at www.globe.com.ph/fup) see they're fair use policy says that you only get 800 mb a day if your a prepaid user and 1gb a day or 3gb a month, which ever comes first, if you're a postpaid user after which your speed is reduced.


      I wonder if there's a way we could check if we're near bandwidth, if we could text a specific number with a specific code it'd reply "hey you've used 500mb today sir so you get 300 more.


      wouldn't it be more honest if if globe could tell us where we're at when we browse the net that way we can be precise with our browsing. we could at least get the most out of our 999 a month which isn't easy to get, I wanna emphasize.


      second, why is it that if I reach bandwidth today and I reload with another P50, and register it again it has no effect? I would think that coz I've reached bandwidth today I'll be like oh well, that's globe for you, how bout let's register again so we could get the same browsing speed as before. nope Globe's like soorry that's how the systems work we jus gonn take yo money for nothin


      well those are my questions for now I hope somebody out there could read this and ask more questions, we might be able to unravel some of Globe's other hidden policies about their 3g, make us understand how we're spending our money.