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    No more rebates?


      Hi guys!


      I contacted Globe a few minutes ago and asked if I could avail of a rebate. The customer service rep. said that they no longer offer a rebate for mySuperPlan (only faced-out plans are offered the rebate).


      I just want to confirm if it's true or if the rep is just BS-ing me with some "new" policy. I wasn't informed that I would no longer have rebates when I changed my plan, just for added info.


      If it is indeed true that I can no longer apply for a rebate, is there a way to convert my wasted peso value into some form of rebate? I can't use up my available peso value anyway (P600 worth). Probably only half of it at the most. And downgrading my plan is not an option, as I computed that I would exceed my current phone bill if I go that route.


      Thank you for your time

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          erikumali It's true. Best Ever MSP subs (those with PV) are not offered rebates. For now you can only maximize your PV by choosing more Combos or use your PV like consumable load for regular SMS, calls, and data.


          Subs who are still with their old plans (All New MSP and other Legacy Plans like GFlex, GText, etc.) and are out of lock up can avail rebates or recontract with a new phone.

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            Actually, the representative is correct once you upgrade to a higher plan you can not avail the bill rebate for recontracting. Bill rebates are only offered for those who wish to continue with their current plan after the lock-in period.