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    Credit Limit Clarification


      -I requested a credit limit increase for my ACCOUNT A last August 2014 ( from a credit limit of 700, now it is 4,000 )
      -Account A is under Plan 299 started February 2013.

      - For what I understand , in the event that  I decided to have an additional line , it will associate on the same account number as Account A .

      -I was surprised that when I requested an additional line , they gave me a different account number with a separate credit limit each .
      - Account B ( started August 2014 ) under Plan 1799 has a credit limit of  2,000.00
      -Account  C  ( started August 2014 ) under Plan 1299 has a credit limit of   1,500.00


      - Im confused. Does it mean that I only have a 4,000.00 credit limit under my name ? or I have a total of  7,500.00 (  Combined with Account A ,B and C )

      - I have 3 account numbers. I thought if they will ask for my Account number in Account A, they will see the 2 additional lines. But that is not the case. They assigned different account number on Account B and C respectively .

      -Can I add additional line on Account B ? To reach the 2k credit limit ?  like to avail  plan 299?
      -Can I add additional line on Accont  C?  To reach the 1500.00 credit limit ? like to avail  plan 299?
      -My current plan on Account A is Plan 299. But it has a credit limit of  4000.00 ( as upgraded upon my request ) . So does it mean that I can still add line on this account number ? to complete the 4k ? like I can still avail Plan 3000+ on this account number ?  or Account B and C was already associated on this credit limit from ACCOUNT A?

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          Credit Limit is given on an account basis. As per the terms and conditions of Globe, it is defined as the MAXIMUM RECURRING CHARGES which one may subscribe to… Usually, one account is equated to one phone number EXCEPT in Family plans or extension plans where one account could correspond to several phone numbers because it is treated as a group.


          When applying for a an additional line without submitting additional requirements, Globe would usually look at not only your credit limit but also your historical data i9n determining whether you are capable of sustaining another plan and how much. If approved, then you would be given a separate credit limit specific to that account number.


          All of your accounts however, even with different credit limits would be a basis of your credit worthiness in case you apply for another line so make sure that they are all in good standing whether the credit limit is high or low.


          Credit Limit as defined in Globe’s Terms and conditions (it is different from Spending Limit which subscribers tend to associate with as with credit cards and loans)


          3.1. You will be assigned a credit limit which specifies the maximum recurring charges which you may subscribe to.

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            every postpaid line/number has an assigned account number, although you may have 3 lines it does not combine into 1 account, it will be under one name but different account number, and each line has different assigned credit limit, which limits the subscriptions you have on that line, having a 4k credit limit means you can subscribe to a booster/ plan that can be up to 4k, let say you want to subscribe to an unlimited data and also unlimited call to globe, lets say unli data is priced at 999 and unli call to globe is 699, if you have a 1k credit limit it will not allow you to subscribe to both unli feature since it is more than your 1k credit limit.


            as stated credit limits are per line so you can't add another 299 on account b to satisfy the 2k credit limit


            having another line is based on your financial capability, u may have 3 accounts but if you are to add another line to your name, they will check your financial capability if you will be approve of another line. the existing credit limits you have on your accounts are not the basis for line approval